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Valentines Day Whatsapp Status:- Valentine's Day the most anticipated among youth and as well as the elder ones. It brings love and joy in everyone's life. It is celebrated by the world on 14th February every year. As Valentines Day is approaching and everyone gearing up as well as excited to showcase their love in a very apt frame of words to their partner.

But, the nervousness to express your emotions in a right sense and to frame a perfect sentence without any undesired exaggeration or elaboration so that your partner can easily interpret the right and the true meaning of what you want to say sometimes messes you up.

Happy Valentines Day whatsapp Status

Valentine Stauts For Whatsapp:- Just to help you with that situation we would like to enlist some of the best Valentine's Day WhatsApp Status so that you can tell him/her as well as your close ones about how much love you hold for your significant other in a very right sense. Here we will try to try to endow you the about the appropriate WhatsApp Status for Valentine's Day which you can keep to showcase your love. So let us have a look at some of the best mentioned Love Quotes and Valentine's Day WhatsApp Status For Girlfriend and boyfriend.

Valentines Day Whatsapp Status For Lover

Valentine whatsapp status for love

  • In a relationship there's always one who loves more, and i always prayed that it shouldn't be me and you know what, it is not me
  • The moment you'll leave me, it'll be the last day of my life and i want to live forever
  • Love happens once i know, but i fall for you every other time i see you again
  • Loving you has never been tiring, Hope for you too
  • I forgot your name, Can I call you mine? And, in case you forgot mine, you can call me yours !
  • If you have only one smile give it to the people you love
  • When Valentine's Day is at its peak and you realise that all you love is food and your pet !
  • I don't need a Girlfriend to irritate me, i already have my job
  • What did the painter Girlfriend said to his boyfriend? "I love you with all my Art ! "
  • A loving heart is always young

Valentines Day whatsapp Status For My Love

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Valentines Day whatsapp Status In English

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Valentines Day Whatsapp Status For Friends

Romantic Valentine Day whatsapp status

Valentine WhatsApp Status For Friends:- To make your valentine know how much you love them. We have also listed some of the most frustrated status along with some loving Valentine's Day WhatsApp Status which people normally put on this day. It is just not about being intense and full love but it is also about being vocal about your thoughts. So put some humour in your thoughts and keep your status about what you feel like saying.

Valentine's Day Whatsapp Status For Husband & Wife

Valentine’s Day whatsapp status for girlfriend

  • What will happen when you will fall in love with a chef? "You will be buttered Up"
  • Love is an Ocean of emotions entirely surrounded by expenses
  • An exploding Cigar which we willingly smoke- Love
  • What did the stamp say to the envelope" "I am stuck on you"
  • "Women with pasts interests men… they hope history will repeat itself"
  • Valentine's Day reminds me of Changing something, and that is my lover
  • What did the paper clip say to the magnet? " I find you attractive"
  • I am Weird, You are Weird, Everyone is weird. One day two people with mutual weirdness come together and fall in love
  • What did the bulb say to the switch every morning? "You turn me on"
  • Your love has always been a secret strength of mine

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Valentines Day Status In Hindi:- These statuses were just to help you out or to give hint about how to add humour in every tough situation. Hope you liked them all. Please let us know what you people felt about this in the comment section below, we would love to hear from you. Till then Good Luck for your Valentine's Day WhatsApp Status.

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